Change folders and display language on Outlook
  1. Go to and login with your Cloudbizz email address and password



  2. Click on “Options” and select “See All Options” (On the left you can see that Outlook folders are in French)



  3. Click on “Settings” (1), “Regional” (2) select your Language (3) check the box, it only concerns the Outlook display settings, (4) below for Outlook folders language and Save (5)



  4. Now you can see that Outlook folders are in English and it will be the same in your Outlook session inside Cloudbizz.



Change password or expired password

You can note that your password needs to be changed in different ways

  1. In Cloudbizz
    a. At login




    Please take the time to read the entire requirements needed to change your password.

    Note : Here are some clues to easily create and memorize your password

    Kid, friend, mom, dog’s name + this month

    Ex : Lassie03

    Once your password is changed, you will be redirected to the start Cloudbizz page

    Note: If you are redirected to the change password page,
    it means that your password did not comply with the minimum requirement for the password security as explained above.

  2. Locally

    When you open Outlook




    Note: If the screen below does not appear, you will need to connect on StartCloudbizz and change your password there.







  3. On smartphone or Tablet
    a. Iphone/Ipad




    b. Android




    Note: Unavoidably, you will need to connect on StartCloudbizz and change your password.

    Once you restart your Local Outlook or when your smartphone reconnects with the server, you will need to type your new password:

    a. Iphone/Ipad




    b. Android

    Click on the error message, you will be redirected to the general preferences, select your Cloudbizz exchange account and click on Exchange server settings






    c. Local Outlook




    Or if you have an Auto connection, just change the password there




    You can also Change your password when you like:

    On Cloudbizz click on


    and select “Ctrl+Alt+Del”




    Select “Change a Password”.

    Type your old password and then the new password twice.



Citrix latency monitor
One of the most heard complaints about Terminal / Citrix Server environments is that the session or programs are responding slowly. It is also one of the most difficult complaints to troubleshoot. Most times the user cannot explain exactly what is going slow (You will definitely recognize the answers like: everything, just slow and nothing is working) and besides many factors can influence the user experience of a Terminal Server session.One of the issues that can cause slow responses in a Terminal Server environment is the latency between the client and the Terminal / Citrix Server. A variable that is not easy to be determined.What does the Citrix Latency Monitor :1.) Citrix Latency Monitor sends an “ICMP echo request” (PING) to Cloudbizz and records the time it takes to receive the answer and record an event when the threshold is detected.2.) The second, more advanced network latency test is the QoS (Quality of Service) sensor, which determines packet delay, packet loss.3.) The third, monitor the ICA connection.Download :LatencyMonitor – CLOUDBIZZ Version
Cloudbizz First Connection

Initial setup in 3 steps on your Windows Client Device

See also: Initial setup in 3 steps on your iPhone or iPad
  1. Download & install the Citrix Receiver

    1. Go to and click “Download Receiver for Windows”setup01
    2. Accept the license agreement and download the fileSetup02
    3. IMPORTANT: add * in the trusted site zone of Internet Explorer.Open Internet Explore, go to the “TOOLS” menu.

      For Internet Explorer 8


      For Internet Explorer 9

      1. Go to “security”
      2. Trusted Sites
      3. Sites
      4. Uncheck the case
      5. Type * in the address bar
      6. Click on add
  2. Connect to Cloudbizz

    Close all windows and open your browser on , and clic on “Go to your cloud1
  3. Log in to access your Cloud Desktop

    1. Insert the username and password received during the activation processSetup09
      IMPORTANT: To open a full desktop, click on “Start Cloudbizz”Setup10
    2. You will receive the screen below during the initial connection , check “do not ask again” and clic on “YES”2
    3. Later, you will also see the screen below. Accept and check “Do not ask me again for this site.”3
    4. To make changes afterwards, simply click on the black Sidebar, preferences, File access and select “Read and WriteSetup13Setup14
How and when to use the Cloud Session Manager

You can use this tool if your Cloudbizz session freezes or if you want to restore your session from one device to another.

  1. If your session freezes:

    Go to your local computer on your Cloudbizz login page

    Click on the “Cloud Session Manager” icon and wait until it is launched


    Click on “Logoff all my sessions”, when the process is finished, the application will automatically shut down.


    You can now open a new session and continue working.

  2. If you want to restore your session (with all your open files and application) on another computer, a smartphone or a tablet.

    Login on, click on the “Cloud Session Manager” icon and select “Disconnect my active sessions”


    When it is done open your Cloudbizz webpage on the other device or click on start Cloudbizz on your Tablet or Smartphone. That way, your session is restored.

How to access your Cloudbizz Webmail

How to access your mailbox from any Web browser on any device (Computer, smartphone or tablet):

  1. Open your web browser and go to


    Access Microsoft Exchange on Cloudbizz


  2. Steps to follow:

    Your webmail address is: The name before the underscore when you login to Cloudbizz, and your company domain name.

    Password: The one you use to access Cloudbizz.


    Configuring Exchange in Cloudbizz


    Note: If you connect for the first time, you have to select your display language and time zone. Please check that those elements are correct, to avoid impacts to your Outlook on Cloudbizz.


    Webmail language and time zone settings


After that, you will have direct access to your webmail.


Access to webmail

How to avoid multiple sessions – Disconnect / Logoff

Here is how to:

disconnect your Cloudbizz session

close your Cloudbizz session







If that doesn’t work go to: Connect to Cloudbizz First connection

And follow the step 3



How to avoid the identity card certificat issue

When you are using the Isabel certificat in your session, your Identity card certificat is not recognized.


To avoid this, you have to use your identity card before using Isabel.

If you have used Isabel first you must close your session before using you identity card again.

To properly restart your Cloudbizz session, click on “Start” button and select “Log off”


How to change your password in your Webmail

For help on how to connect to your Webmail for the first time, click here.

Connect to the Webmail by entering the following url in your adress bar:


Click ‘Options’ in the top right corner to open the options menu.



Press the ‘Change Password’ button



Change your password, it must be a minimum of 8 characters long and must contain 3 of the following 4 character types:

  • Lower Case (eg lower case)
  • Upper Case (eg UPPER CASE)
  • Numbers (eg 1, 2, 3)
  • Symbols (eg @, $, !)


How to configure your Out of Office message

Setting up your Out of Office in Outlook or on Webmail (for Mac users who are not using Outlook)

  1. In Outlook
    Go to file and click on “Automatic Replies


    Out of office - Outlook


    Choose “Send automatic replies” and fill in the fields for both messages in and out of your company.


    Ouf of office 2


  2. On webmail (How to access your Cloudbizz Webmail)

    On the start page click on “Options” and select “Set Automatic Replies


    setup webmail out of office


    Choose “Send automatic replies“, tick “Send automatic reply outside my organization” and fill in the fields. Do not forget to click on “Save


    webmail out of office configured

How to copy file from CloudBizz to your Local Disk
  1. 1. You need to be sure that your Local Disk is available in CloudBizz. Go to the citrix’s toolbar and click on “préferences”.

    2. Click on “accés au fichier”, check the box “Lecture et Ecriture”

    Now you can navigate in your Locak Disk

  2. 3. Click on the Start button and then, on “computer”.

  3. 4. Choose your Local Disk.

  4. 5. Finally, copy what you want from your local Disk to CloudBizz and vice-versa.

How to expand Cloudbizz over multiple monitors

Open your session, go to Citrix menu and select “Window


Cloudbizz fullscreen 1


Cloudbizz will appear as a small Window.


Cloudbizz Fullscreen 2


Position that window in between both screens:


Cloudbizz fullscreen 3


Go back to Citrix Menu and click on “Full screen


Cloudbizz fullscreen Citrix menu


The window will not look 100% OK.


Cloudbizz fullscreen 5


Go to Citrix Menu, click on “Disconnect“, your session will disappear.


Cloudbizz fullscreen 6


Refresh you Cloudbizz logon page with F5’s key or your web browser refresh button



Internet Explorer,






or Firefox

Your session will open in full screen mode on both screens:


Cloudbizz fullscreen on two screens


Note: If your session does not open after the refresh, you need to refer to Cloudbizz First Connection.

How to set up email on Android

Attention: You must check that your Android software version is up to date (There are many issues with previous Android versions).

  1. Once connected via Wifi or 3G, Select “Settings”




  2. Go to “Accounts” and Sync




  3. Click on “Add account”




  4. Select “Microsoft Exchange”



  5. Enter your email address and password and click “Next” on the following windows. You will receive an error finding the exchange server message




  6. Delete automatic entries on “Domain\username” and enter your email address, do the same on “Exchange server” and enter




  7. Click “OK” on the warning window




  8. Choose what you want to synchronize and how many days.




  9. To finish the setup, type a name for the account.

How to set up email on Android 4.4 KitKat

Important: You must check that your Android software version is up to date (There are many issues with previous Android versions).

  1. Once connected via Wifi or 3G, Select “Settings”




  2. Go to “Accounts” 




  3. Click on “Add account”



  4. Select “Microsoft Exchange”



  5. Enter your email address and password and click “Configure manually



  6. Delete automatic entries on “Domain\username” and enter your email address, do the same on “Exchange server” and enter



  7. Click “OK” on the warning window



  8. Choose what you want to synchronize and how many days.


How to setup Cloudbizz on Android
  1. Go to Playstore and search for “Citrix Receiver” , install the app


    Citrix Receiver Download Android



    Citrix Receiver Android


  2. Click on “Open”


    Open Citrix Receiver app


  3. Click on “Add Account


    Citrix Receiver Add Account


  4. Enter “” in the Server address field

  on Android


  5. Then enter your Cloudbizz username


    Enter your Cloudbizz username


  6. Enter your Cloudbizz password

    Domain: cloudbizz


    Enter your Cloudbizz password


  7. And finally click on “Log on


    Logon Cloudbizz for Android


  8. Click on “Apps” on the right of the screen and select “Start Cloudbizz


    Start Cloudbizz


  9. You can now run your Cloudbizz session


    Run Cloudbizz session


    You can select either this view or the classic one by clicking on the icon on the bottom right corner:


    Select Cloudbizz View


    Enjoy working on Cloudbizz!


    Cloudbizz session

How to setup Cloudbizz's email on Iphone / Ipad

Go to “Settings”



Select “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” and tap “Add Account



Select “Exchange”



Enter your Cloudbizz’s email address, your password and the description you want.





you will have a security warning, just tap on “Continue”



Insert the server name  and the domain ( is mandatory)

Your username is your Cloudbizz’s email address


Tape on “Save” and your email aacount is ready to use.







Setup Outlook on your local computer
  1. First, check that Office is well installed on your local machine

  2. Go to and connect with your Cloudbizz credentials



  3. Click on “Services” and navigate to “Configuration” => “Outlook Profile




  4. Scroll to the end of the page and download the “Outlook Profile Setup




  5. Run “Setup.exe” and proceed to the installation




  6. Check all options




  7. Enter your password twice and leave all by default up to the end




  8. Open Outlook, check “Remember” and enter your password




Your Outlook is now up and running.

Starting Isabel in CloudBizz
  1. a. Start Isabel

    Before you Log in: : Connect your card reader to your computer before starting your cloudbizz session.

    Start your cloudbizz session.

    Remark : if it is the first time that you use Isabel, go to the next step.

    Click on the isabel’s icon to open it.

    When it is open, insert your card into the card reader, even if you you do not get the popup message.

    Follow the instructions on the screen.

  2. First use of Isabel in Cloudbizz

    1. Click on the Start button

    2. Choose “all programs”

    3. Click on “Isabel services”

    4. Open Isabel control panel

    5. choose “installation of your certificate”


    You will get a message inviting you to insert your card into the card reader.

    Even if you do not get the message, insert your card in.

    Follow the instruction on your screen.

    Now, your Isabel is configured.

Task Manager : How to close an unresponsive application

The Task Manager in Cloudbizz is available from the Start Menu => All programs => Accessories => Task Manager.

The Task Manager shows a list of programs/processes currently running.

Clicking on any of the processes in the list allows you to close the application by clicking on “Terminate Process



Unable to open Cloudbizz in Google Chrome



Problem: Nothing happens when you click the ‘Start Cloudbizz’ icon in Google Chrome





Go to

Log in using your username and password.



Click on the ‘Plug in blocked’ icon in the top-right corner of your browser.

Select ‘Always allow plug-ins’

Click ‘Done’




Click on the lock icon



Open the Popup options

Select ‘Always allow on this site’



Open the Plugins options.

Select the option ‘Always allow on this site’




Click on ‘Start Cloudbizz’ to open your Cloudbizz Session.





Use Cloudbizz on your iPhone or iPad

Initial setup in 3 steps on your iPhone or iPad

See also: Citrix receiver in 3 steps on your Windows Client Device

  1. Download & install the Citrix Receiver

    1. Go to the Apple App Store on your device.




    2. Click on Search and type “Citrix” then select “Citrix receiver”




    3. Click on “free” and install it with your Apple ID password






  2. Configure the Citrix Receiver

    1. Now you have a Citrix icon on your iPhone desktop, click on it and select “Add Account” and type “”










    2. Put your Username, password, the domain (cloudbizz) and save.




      If you are configuring Citrix Receiver on and iPad, there is one more setting to modify. This setting is not available on iPhone devices.


      • Go to the Citrix Receiver Settings and select “Advanced”


      • Select “Session Sharing” 




      • Disable the “Session Sharing” option by selecting “OFF”







  3. Launch Cloudbizz






    You can have PC and Mac adaptation of the desktop like this or click on the icon circle in red to switch to the classic Cloudbizz desktop.





Warning that the root certificate is not trusted – Install GoDaddy certificate

If you use specific devices, like Wyse or HP terminal thin client, you might receive a warning that the root certificate is not trusted.

If that happens, simply install the root certificate. To do so, click “View Certificate“. Then, when the certificate displays, click “Install Certificate“.

Go to

and run the root, intermediate and cross intermediat.crt




After that you can follow the link below for the next step:

Cloudbizz First connexion