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Change folders and display language on Outlook

  1. Go to and login with your Cloudbizz email address and password16
  2. Click on “Options” and select “See All Options” (On the left you can see that Outlook folders are in French)2
  3. Click on “Settings” (1), “Regional” (2) select your Language (3) check the box, it only concerns the Outlook display settings, (4) below for Outlook folders language and Save (5)3
  4. Now you can see that Outlook folders are in English and it will be the same in your Outlook session inside Cloudbizz.4

How to access your Cloudbizz Webmail

  1. Open your web browser and go to mail.cloudbizz.netAccess Microsoft Exchange on Cloudbizz
  2. Steps to follow:Your webmail address is: The name before the underscore when you login to Cloudbizz, and your company domain name.Password: The one you use to access Cloudbizz.Configuring Exchange in CloudbizzNote: If you connect for the first time, you have to select your display language and time zone. Please check that those elements are correct, to avoid impacts to your Outlook on Cloudbizz.

    Webmail language and time zone settings

    After that, you will have direct access to your webmail.

Access to webmail

How to change your password in your Webmail

For help on how to connect to your Webmail for the first time, click here.

Connect to the Webmail by entering the following url in your adress bar:

Click ‘Options’ in the top right corner to open the options menu.

Press the ‘Change Password’ button

Change your password, it must be a minimum of 8 characters long and must contain 3 of the following 4 character types:

  • Lower Case (eg lower case)
  • Upper Case (eg UPPER CASE)
  • Numbers (eg 1, 2, 3)
  • Symbols (eg @, $, !)

How to configure your Out of Office message

Setting up your Out of Office in Outlook or on Webmail (for Mac users who are not using Outlook)

  1. In Outlook
    Go to file and click on “Automatic RepliesOut of office - OutlookChoose “Send automatic replies” and fill in the fields for both messages in and out of your company.Ouf of office 2
  2. On webmail (How to access your Cloudbizz Webmail)On the start page click on “Options” and select “Set Automatic Repliessetup webmail out of officeChoose “Send automatic replies“, tick “Send automatic reply outside my organization” and fill in the fields. Do not forget to click on “Savewebmail out of office configured

How to set up email on Android

Attention: You must check that your Android software version is up to date (There are many issues with previous Android versions).

  1. Once connected via Wifi or 3G, Select “Settings”1
  2. Go to “Accounts” and Sync2
  3. Click on “Add account”3
  4. Select “Microsoft Exchange”4
  5. Enter your email address and password and click “Next” on the following windows. You will receive an error finding the exchange server message5
  6. Delete automatic entries on “Domain\username” and enter your email address, do the same on “Exchange server” and enter mail.cloudbizz.net6
  7. Click “OK” on the warning window7
  8. Choose what you want to synchronize and how many days.8
  9. To finish the setup, type a name for the account.

Setup Outlook on your local computer

  1. First, check that Office is well installed on your local machine
  2. Go to and connect with your Cloudbizz credentials1
  3. Click on “Services” and navigate to “Configuration” => “Outlook Profile2
  4. Scroll to the end of the page and download the “Outlook Profile Setup3
  5. Run “Setup.exe” and proceed to the installation4
  6. Check all options5
  7. Enter your password twice and leave all by default up to the end6
  8. Open Outlook, check “Remember” and enter your password7

Your Outlook is now up and running.